Why Vimeo Isn’t for Screening Your Content

When you think of Vimeo, do you think of award winning TV shows? Or home videos of little girls singing “Let It Go” (completely off key, but totally adorable). While Vimeo is a great website for families to share their personal videos with friends, it is not conducive to private sharing of longer programs. To put it simply, Vimeo is a wonderful tool for amateurs, not professionals.

Most of the issues Vimeo presents for professionals come with decisions early in the set up process. You may not need the storage of the most expensive package, and because you don’t pay top dollar you are forced to sacrifice features that present your program better.

For example, Vimeo limits the amount of HD footage you can upload. You want screeners seeing your programs in the highest quality possible. If you are uploading large quantities of videos, having to choose which ones are the best and will be HD as opposed to the subpar programs so they don’t have to be HD is out of the question. The fact is none of your videos are subpar so treat them that way and make sure they can all be uploaded in HD.

Another issue related to presentation comes in the form of ads if you choose to buy the plus package rather than the pro, your screeners will be inundated with banner ads as they try to watch your program and decide whether or not they are interested in syndicating it. Banner ads distract screeners from focusing on the real content. It does not matter how long it distracts them, the fact is their eyes have something else to look at on the screen besides your show. You don’t need more competition for your program. Screeners are already distracted by phones, tablets, and whatever else is going on around them, so find a screening solution that excludes ads.

Access and security also come into question when using Vimeo. Vimeo does not create separate user accounts for all the people working with the video. Within your company everyone has to have the same login to access the account and upload, edit, or delete videos. There is no way to track who has been working in there, or monitor who has access to the account in general.

And finally, the elephant in the room. Vimeo only allows commercial content to be uploaded if you are using their pro account. The problem with this is if you do not need the features and storage of the pro account, you are forced to pay more just so you can upload commercial content. The pro account is good because it provides customers with all the features Vimeo has to offer, but it is bad because it provides customers with all the features Vimeo has to offer. Once you reach the top tier, there is no going up. They do not offer more storage to grow with you as you store and continue creating more content, and they are not able to customize packages for you.

This brings us back to the point that Vimeo is meant for amateurs, not professionals. They have such a broad focus, trying to encompass everyone from families to filmmakers, they are not able to cater to a production company’s needs.

You don’t want to be mixing your professional work with a site whose customer reviews talk about how easy it is to share their family videos, so take some time to learn more about MediaShowroom. Not only do we provide a professional look so your customers know you mean business, but also we provide the tools for you to be a successful production company.

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