Top 10 TV Shows on Hulu

Hulu Plus tells us which of its shows are the most popular, so thankfully, making this list wasn’t nearly as difficult as choosing the Top 10 TV Shows in the World. Although, at the rate that viewers are watching Hulu, the site’s most popular shows are always changing. We’re not kidding about all of those viewers – in 2013 Hulu Plus hit 5 million subscribers and earned its first billion dollars! Hulu is great because it has a whole library of the shows that we all know and love. The site offers viewers syndicated content, and also features brand new episodes of some of TV’s most popular shows. Online video streaming companies like Hulu Plus have revolutionized the TV industry. TV fans can simply stream their favorite show on Hulu Plus the day after it airs instead of having to watch the show at a potentially inconvenient designated time, and sit through endless amounts of commercials. With so many people turning to online streaming companies to watch their favorite shows, Hulu Plus’ most popular shows give us a look at what shows people really want to watch when they have the extra time. It was kind of fun to revisit some of the best TV shows that are no longer on the air (despite feeling some nostalgia for Lost), see brand new episodes of shows popping up on the sites, and also add one or two international shows to this list!

Here’s our list of the top 10 TV shows on Hulu:

Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane’s hilarious animated TV show starring Seth Green and Mila Kunis was written into existence and first aired by Fox in 1999. The show features the dysfunctional Griffin family, their eccentric neighbors, and the family’s anthropomorphic dog. Fueled by pop-culture references and the misadventures of the youngest member of the Griffin family – a violence-obsessed toddler named Stewie, the show is reminiscent of The Simpsons. Hulu viewers can watch seasons 1-10 on the site, and episodes from current season become available just the day after they air on Fox.

Saturday Night Live

After 39 seasons, it should come as no surprise that Saturday Night Live is so popular on Hulu. Hulu has everything from full episodes of NBC show, to individual clips and shorts. “SNL” is known for launching successful careers… Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, and Tina Fey are just a few celebrities who began their careers by making Saturday Night Live viewers laugh. Hulu viewers have huge amounts of Saturday Night Live material to choose from on the site, making SNL not only one of the most iconic comedies in the world, but one of Hulu’s most popular TV shows.

Parks and Recreation

NBC’s hit comedy follows Director of Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), as she attempts to improve the landscape of fictional Pawnee, Indiana. The show has seen 6 successful seasons so far, and a 7th is planned to air in 2015. Hulu offers all 6 seasons online, which is pretty impressive. Most of the time it takes a while for a show that is still on the air to show up online, so it’s no wonder that Parks and Recreation is one of Hulu’s most popular TV shows.


ABC’s Lost has been off the air since 2010, but Hulu offers all 6 seasons of the show online. While criticized for its jumbled storyline and confusing finale, Lost is one of the most-watched and loved cult TV shows of all time. The story features a group of plane crash survivors that have been stranded on a mysterious island. Michael Emerson, Matthew Fox, Emilie de Ravin, and Dominic Monaghan are just a few of the show’s well-known and diverse cast members.

Modern Family

ABC’s advertisement for Modern Family sums up what the show is all about: “One big (straight, gay, multi-cultural, traditional) happy family.” It’s truly difficult to explain how all of the characters in this mockumentary-style show are all related… The show focuses on patriarch Jay Pritchett, who has recently married Gloria, a young Colombian woman. Elderly Jay must prepare to be a father for a third time, all while helping to raise Gloria’s adolescent son, Manny. Jay’s older kids have their own problems – Claire and her child-like husband Phil are faced with raising their 3 teenaged kids, and Jay’s son, Mitchell, is raising a newly adopted baby with his partner, Cameron. Whew, that was complicated!

Moone Boy

Chris O’Dowd’s semi-autobiographical sitcom was aired by Sky, but can be found online exclusively on Hulu. The show follows Martin Moone – a 12-year-old boy whose imaginary friend (played by O’Dowd himself), provides hilarious commentary to Moore’s adolescent experiences in early 1990s Ireland. The first two seasons of the show are available on Hulu, and a 3rd is in the works for 2015.

New Girl

Since its premiere in 2011, New Girl has been one of the most-watched shows on Fox.  Zooey Deschanel is known for playing comic roles, but this show really takes the cake. Deschanel’s character, Jess, responds to a roommate advertisement on Craigslist posted by 3 men desperately needing a 4th roommate. After landing a spot in an all-male apartment, Jess must bond with Nick, Schmidt, and Winston and the boys must learn to accept Jess’ strange quirks and form friendships with the newly single schoolteacher.


Now shown exclusively on Hulu, Misfits was originally aired on E4 in the U.K. Following a violent electrical storm, a group of young delinquents suddenly manifest superpowers. Soon, the teens realize that they weren’t the only ones affected by the storm. The group is forced to look beyond their differences and band together in order to save their town. Misfits aired from 2009-2013 in the U.K. before airing on Hulu, but it has become Hulu’s most popular exclusive series since the site acquired the rights to the show.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

If you’re looking to catch up on your late-night TV sometime during the day, then Hulu is the place to go for late shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The satirical show pokes fun at politics, news stories, and pop culture. Like Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show is pretty much a household name, and after almost two decades, the show continues to do well on the air and in syndication on Hulu.

The Bridge (U.S.)

Hulu acquired the exclusive rights to the Scandinavian version of The Bridge this year – you might remember reading about this show from our Top 10 TV Shows in the World blog.  FX aired a rendition of The Bridge to U.S. audiences in 2013, and while the U.S. remake has not done nearly as well on the air as its Scandinavian counterpart, it’s making waves on Hulu. The Bridge pairs two police officers together – one from the United States and one from Mexico – to solve a homicide committed on the border of the two countries. Season 2 of the series will debut on FX this summer, and Hulu will continue to offer new episodes of the show as it gains even more of a devoted following.

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