The Most-Talked-About Shows on Twitter

You’ve seen what happens when a hashtag goes viral. When Pretty Little Liars is trending, it seems like we’re all asking the same question – “Will we ever find out who ‘A’ is?”

Probably not; here’s why.

Pretty Little Liars is probably going to stay on the air as long as social TV fans continue to theorize about A’s true identity on social media.

We have written posts on how the syndication market is quintessentially “broken.” Before Twitter and VOD streaming, the shows that stayed on the air long enough to make it to syndication were generally pretty good, (at least in the eyes of critics). Now, the shows that stay on the air are the most-talked-about on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter.

Keep scrolling to what Twitter users are saying about Nielsen’s 10 most-tweeted-about shows of 2014:

1- The Walking Dead

Nielsen found that there were 576,000 tweets per episode in 2014. The most-tweeted-about show in the world began its 6th run this month, which sparked a series of Walking-Dead-related memes and speculation over the show’s questionable new character.

2- The Bachelor

It seems like fans are especially passionate about The Bachelor. Probably because the stars of the show are “ordinary people” (major air quotes on that one). Fans connect to the show because they get an inside look at stars’ lives, and then they take to Twitter to root for the contestant they hope will win. Fans are tweeting about Becca’s family and expressed distress over Carly’s departure. The show is currently in its 19th season.

3- Pretty Little Liars

Loyal viewers aren’t phased by the show’s tumultuous story. People have probably come to terms with the fact that they’ll never know which character will become the next ‘A,’ or where Ezra’s loyalties lie. Fans are talking about the show anyway.

4- American Horror Story: Freak Show

The anthology series brings home awards, and consistently employs a seriously talented cast. (Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Zachary Quinto have had starring roles in the series.) Even though over-complicated plot lines sometimes fail to impress critics, the show generates enough suspense to keep fans tweeting.

5- Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a social show; the internet basically shuts down every time the show kills off a main character (Spoiler alert: this happens often). The Twittersphere is getting ready for the season 5 premiere in April, and HBO has already signed on for season 6.

6- Teen Wolf

MTV’s hit show belongs to a genre of supernatural shows that get teens talking. Pictures from the set have surfaced on Twitter, and fans are getting excited for season 5.

7- Scandal

People generally have very strong opinions about Scandal. Depending on who you are, Fitz is either the best or the worst president that has ever been portrayed on television. For some Twitter factions, Olivia Pope is television’s unrivaled heroine; others think Kerry Washington is destined for bigger things. Most people can agree that Scandal’s wardrobe designer did something right – it was the inspiration for an entire fashion line.

8- The Bachelorette

Viewers became so invested in last season’s couple, Andi and Josh, that Twitter was horrified when rumors surfaced that the pair called it quits. Now, fans of the show and Bachelor viewers are wondering who will star in the next season of The Bachelorette.

9- The Voice

A successor of American Idol, this show gets people talking online because they choose the winner. The show returns  for its 8th season.

10- Dancing With the Stars

The season is on its 19th season, and the show still has extremely high viewership. The show’s audience is talking about the show’s new cast members. Fashion designer Betsey Johnson will make an appearance this season.

Twitter isn’t the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not a show will be successful. There are a lot of reasons why Twitter users talk about some successful shows and not others; nonsocial shows aren’t always destined to flop. In fact, Twitter accounts for less than half of a show’s viewers, according to USA Today. This is because most TV fans aren’t watching the shows live – they are streaming them online a few days later.

But Twitter activity and audience size do correlate, according to Nielsen.

The ratings company wanted to see if the most talked about shows on Twitter were really the most successful on the air, so it did a study. Nielsen found that shows with increased promotion attracted more viewers. Since Twitter is a “promoter,” the new shows that get the most hype on Twitter often premiere to higher audiences.

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