Freedom and MediaShowroom

The Fourth of July is a time of celebrating freedom, and MediaShowroom is giving you one more freedom to celebrate. Freedom from wait times for both you and your customer, no matter what form they come in.

Separating yourself from DVDs and switching to an online screening room is the first step in claiming your independence. Taking this first step frees you from all other forms of DVD bondage and opens up new opportunities for you, your programs, and your customers. Below is a list of all you can enjoy with your newfound freedom.

Freedom from Waiting for Burning

In the past, the very moment a potential customer requested to screen a program an arduous waiting period began, starting with the time to produce a physical copy of the program. This cost both time and money (a trend you’ll notice with all the waiting periods described).  In order for the DVD to be produced a worker had to be there to oversee the process, meaning if a request came in late in the day or over the weekend, the production would not happen until hours later.

Compare that process with an online screening room. Instead of waiting for a customer to request a copy to produce the DVD, the program has previously been uploaded after it was filmed and edited. Immediately the costs of producing individual DVDs for all your customers is cut out because, with a predetermined monthly fee, you can share your programs with all your customers from one source. You are prepared to meet your customers’ requests because you have programs available for easy distribution ahead of time.

Freedom from Waiting for Delivery (and postage)

Using our online video platform you don’t spend money on physical stamps sending various amounts of DVDs to screeners spread across the globe. Using snail mail can be unpredictable in cost, but more importantly, in delivery time. It’s not uncommon for mail to get lost, especially if it is being shipped internationally.

You gain freedom from this waiting period with the instant delivery of available through an online screening room. Your programs are already online just waiting to be viewed. Once you make contact with your customer and know what they are interested in, they instantly have access to the programs you think will fit them best.

Freedom from Unwanted Access

Every online video platform advertises security, but not all security claims are equal. If you don’t have any security in place, anyone has the ability to take your program and use it for whatever devious purposes they have planned.

You can control access to programs through email (rather cumbersome considering you then have to email individual access to every program your customer wants to view), a general password you give all your customers (virtually no security), or, the best solution, individual logins for each customer so you can monitor their activity, and, if need be, terminate their access.

Freedom from Waiting for the Customer

It can be agonizing waiting for a customer to watch the program you sent them, and even more frustrating waiting for feedback on whether or not they’re interested in syndicating it. You don’t want to be obnoxious and ask them too frequently whether or not they have watched the program, but you also don’t want them to forget about you. Once they have watched it, it is key to talk to them quickly to close the deal. It is during this waiting time that many sales are lost.

User engagement metrics allow you to check on your program and see who’s viewing it. If you have a key customer that you know will love the program, but they haven’t taken the time to watch it yet, you can send a friendly reminder. Better yet, once they have watched the program you don’t have to wait for them to contact you. You can contact them and ask what they thought. On the off chance that they didn’t like it, instead of waiting to never hear back from them, you can offer other suggestions of programs they might find more interesting. Eliminating the wait time between when you first talk to the customer and when a deal is closed provides you with more profit and a stronger relationship with your customer, providing more opportunities to work together in the future.

MediaShowroom provides all these freedoms and more. Try it for free today and see how little waiting time you have.

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