Maximize Your Content: Use Analytics

The best online screening platforms for TV programs come with analytics to help you navigate the market and beat out competition. How exactly do analytics give you the upper hand in the industry?

MediaShowroom provides an online screening room for TV programs that gives you, as the provider of those shows, direct feedback on the performance of your content. This enables you to refine the types of programs you direct your viewers towards, saving you time and accelerating your time to a sale by matching your customer to the program that fits their needs quickly.

Initially you are given a general overview of what videos are being watched. One piece of information that is useful from this data is the ability to see how many people stream videos versus downloading them and watching them on a device. It also gives a clear picture of what videos are the most popular and what people are searching for. Knowing what kind of devices people watch your programs on gives you insight into how you can improve the video for different devices. For example, if you notice a specific customer only downloads videos and watches them on their mobile device, you may realize shows with subtitles (or some other similar feature) will not be good for a small screen, leading you to only suggest non-subtitle programs for them to view.

ipurestockxthree126329You can easily access more in depth details, such as who viewed the video and the day and time they viewed it. Using this data it is easier to figure out which customers are interested in certain types of programs, and more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to track trends of when viewers are watching your videos. With this information you can target viewers better by uploading content around the time you know your customers will be online searching for programs. Knowing when your customer has viewed the video also allows you to contact them soon after they finish watching and make the final deal while they’re still excited. In the case that they decide not to buy your program, you can open up dialog; building your relationship with your customer and helping you understand what they are looking for so that you can market to them better in the future.

MediaShowroom also has the capability of capturing the duration of the program and user play time, helping you understand how engaged your users become with the program, or in the case that they stop watching, the point that they lost interest. If you consistently notice a drop off point, you may have identified an aspect of the program that is not appealing to viewers and needs to be changed. As you test different program formats, you can use viewer engagement to help identify improvements in your programs, and highlight those improvements as selling points with your customers.

One of the unique features of MediaShowroom’s analytics is that it’s caught in real-time. Using an advanced algorithm put together by our developers, you can see instantly what your viewers are doing. There’s no waiting time to find out whether or not your viewers are enjoying themselves and if you can step in to make a pitch to sell the program, one of the biggest problems with DVDs. DVDs don’t allow you to track what your customers are doing, delaying the selling process anywhere from a few days to months as you try to establish contact. With MediaShowroom you have the possibility of same day delivery and sale, completely impossible with DVDs.

Finally, MediaShowroom allows customers to take the data captured and use it in whatever format is easiest for them. If you need to repurpose the data to fit into another analytics program used within your company, you can easily export the data.

Visit us as MediaShowroom to see all the analytics available to help you increase your productivity and sales.

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