5 Important Things to Think About When Choosing a Screening Solution

The only way your customers are going to buy your programs is if they have a chance to see what they are buying first. That can become difficult in the world of videos where uploading videos to the cloud can sometimes mean compromising security and protection, or when you aren’t sure what features your customers need to experience your programs in the best way.

In the past, the best solution to meet customer demand was to burn a DVD and mail it to them the old-fashioned way, but that costs too much time and money in today’s market.

If you’re ready to move into the 21st century and abandon the DVD model, there’s also the problem of there being so many screening platforms it’s hard to know which one is right. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are getting the best screening solution for you.

1.       How many formats do you need your videos in?

Every customer is going to have different video format needs. This is because they all have different devices with various systems that may or may not support the format your video is in (more often than not, it will not support the original file format). That’s why considering what the screening solution platform provides with regards to transcoding, the process of compressing video files into friendly formats for whatever device your customers are using, is so important. Not every screening solution will give you the option of transcoding your video into many different formats. Think about the importance of having automatic transcoding available when your potential client starts screening your program by streaming it online, but half-way through decides to download it and watch it on their mobile device. In order for them to do this the file has to be compressed significantly into a format that gives the viewer the best screening experience on their device. Without having automatic transcoding, they would have to request a new format and wait while it was transcoded. Automatic transcoding reduces the stress of trying to keep up with all your customers potential needs.

2.       How fast do you need the delivery from you to the customer to be?

Of course the answer to this question is obvious: as fast as possible. Some companies require email requests before making your programs available to customers, creating a wait time for the customer and reducing the freedom of the screener to browse at their leisure and determine what they like. Many, cloud-based screening solutions give the customer immediate access to the desired content, so there are no wait times, while still keeping your programs secure.

ipurestockx7678763.       What type of security does the screening solution have?

Do you value security? Most people do (and if you don’t, you should). It’s up to you to decide how much security you need for your videos. Every company has their own security offerings. Some, as mentioned above, work through email requests, making their programs available only through email complete with an expiration date. Others are completely open, offering virtually no security, creating instant access to programs, while also making it easy to steal your content. Finally, there are others that give you the opportunity to talk to potential customers and then give them a password to access your programs and search for whatever they find most interesting. This provides the ideal balance of security and freedom for both you and your customer.

4.       Can everyone see it? Or are only a few, valued customers able to see your videos?

Many screening solutions will only give you two options: everyone sees all your videos, or nobody sees them. That may not be the right solution for you, as you may have some customers that know exactly what they want and that’s the one thing you want them to see. As you learn more about your customers, you can direct them to programs that fit their needs better than others, increasing your chance of a sale and decreasing the chance of losing your customer in the mess of online program offerings.

5.       How much storage do you need?

Many screening solutions will cap how much content you can have, forcing you into difficult decisions regarding what you will upload to the cloud, and what you have to delete. Understand how much storage you need now and how much you’ll need in the future. Can the platform grow with your needs? Will you still be able to afford it in five years if you keep growing? Make sure to choose a sustainable option that will serve you well in the long run.

After asking yourself these questions, and deciding what is most important to you, we think you’ll have an easier time finding a screening solution that fits your needs the best.

Endemol is a great example of a company that was caught in the DVD trap and had to find a cloud-based screening solution. You can learn more about how MediaShowroom helped them here.

Or you can go directly to MediaShowroom to see if our services fit your cloud-based screening needs. We offer everything from automatic transcoding and password protected access to programs to growing storage, giving you the tools you need to customize your own online screening room.

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