3 Keys to Successful Video Marketing

What is the hardest, but most important, aspect of uploading videos to the cloud? Making sure they are actually seen and help your business like they were intended to. Marketing your videos is the key to gaining awareness of what you are capable of, but it is difficult to do because there are so many videos already out there. MediaShowroom has a few marketing tips to make sure your videos receive the recognition they deserve.

Hubspot lists 3 “inbound” marketing categories that we want to discuss: blogging, social media, and SEO.  These 3 categories are the best way for you to spread your video and gain awareness. Business Insider and Wordtracker have more detailed tips within these categories for successful video marketing and optimization.

1.       Blogging

Embedding your videos within your own blog ensures that your customers are seeing all your work. A great idea is to blog about multiple videos at once, featuring a common factor in all of them. Doing so attracts and retains customers that are specifically interested in what you have to offer. Having related videos in one place also reduces search time and makes viewing your videos more convenient for the customer. (Not always, but often, convenience is synonymous with results, the result being your video being seen). It’s worth the extra effort to write your videos into your blog.

Blogging doesn’t just mean writing your own blog and embedding your video in it, although that’s a good start. Use your network of bloggers to have your video embedded in many different blogs. Every blog has its own following, and posting your videos on other related business’ blogs will expand your following over time.

2.       Social Media

Use it in whatever way you can: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and the list goes on. Social media is a free resource that could be the most powerful resource you have. Post your videos on your social network of choice, and then do just that, Network. Network with your friends to see if they’re interested in your video. If they are, encourage them to share, like, comment, tweet, hashtag, whatever it takes to spread your video around to their network of friends. (You can offer to return the favor later when they’re facing the same struggle of differentiating their work from the rest of the cloud).

3.       SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The first two categories were important, but they were important because they affect this last category. Without your video working its way up the rankings in search engines, it’s never going to get the traffic you want it to. Keep an eye on your rankings because they can go up and down faster than you would expect. Looking at rankings and analytics (possibly hyperlink this to blog about maximizing content using analytics?) helps you determine who is interested in your videos and what content they like. This is invaluable information that can help you improve your videos, thereby increasing your SEO.

Along with tracking your rankings, track how successful your keywords are. Not enough can be said for how important keywords (possibly hyperlink this to blog on keywording) are when it comes to people finding your work. Don’t go overboard and list fifty keywords for every video, but make sure your keywords are descriptive and specific about the content in your video.

Finally, a good way to improve SEO is by linking back to your own site. So, if you can, get other websites to link back to you. If that’s not a possibility, and even if it is, it’s always useful to link to different pages on your website. Not only does it make your site look more popular, but also it adds convenience for the customer.

So remember, while blogging, social media, and SEO may seem like nuisances, they are the lifeblood to your video marketing efforts and can’t be ignored. The more you think about how you can connect them all to generate awareness of your videos, the higher your SEO rankings will be, resulting in more success for your work.

If you’d like to read more tips on how to market your videos, you can find them at Mainstream Data.

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