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Finally, accelerate sales, increase marketing intelligence, and reduce costs with one powerful screening solution.
MediaShowroom Screening

Companies using our technology

Now, we can track everything from who viewed it, how long they’ve looked at it, if they’ve downloaded or streamed it and we can import this information every day and get a look at how our clients are viewing our programs.
– Jason Jeffreyes

Industrial-Strength Storage & Code

MediaShowroom’s platform is put to the test daily, and has been for over a decade. Thousands of videos and programs are ingested, transcoded and managed every week. Stout redundancy and high-speed streaming all point back to fundamentally sound core code and dedicated technical resources.
MediaShowroom Code

Flexible Storage That Scales

Start with a storage level that fits your media library. Effortlessly increase storage as needed.

  • Grow from GB to TB with ease
  • Stout redundancy at every tier
  • Upload and tag new media 24/7

Powerful, Hardened Hardware

MediaShowroom servers are fast, secure and scalable. Seamlessly add customers to screen more content.
  • Protect your media against piracy
  • Only add users you trust
  • User tracking ensures media efficacy

Meticulous Development

Our time tested platform code and rich features guarantee a rock-solid user experience.
  • Front and back end code strength
  • Modern HTML5 development
  • Beautiful, lightweight code

Sophisticated user management

Invite users to screen target media

User management is a snap for both production companies and program managers. Add users on the fly and know exactly what media they screen and when. Invite users to participate in group decisions or collaboration projects with ease.
  • Hold back media for private pre-screening
  • Invite team members to screen favorites
  • Collaborate with colleagues on projects

Deep Metrics that capture user engagement

Know what users want with MediaShowroom’s deep and wide metrics capture. We deliver reports on user screening, downloads and more to inform your sales and marketing team so they focus on the programming that customers want.
Detailed Screening Metrics

User Tracking Reports

MediaShowroom tracks detailed activity at every user level to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Know what target users screen
  • Track user activity on-demand
  • Download metrics for external use

Closely Track Media

MediaShowroom generates sales and marketing opportunities with media level metrics.
  • Streamline sales cycles
  • Improve workflows
  • Add users and track sharing

Engaging Experiences

Track every second of user screening. Know what content customers want via screening time.
  • Screening time capture by user
  • Identify popular programs
  • Increase sales by promoting media

User Engagement Metrics

Know what buyers want

MediaShowroom tracks visits, views, screening time and more to build a complete user engagement story. DVD masters will never give that kind of feedback. Transition your media screening to the cloud and truly understand your buyers’ behavior and interests.

MediaShowroom is the secure resource your sales and marketing teams need to engage with buyers and sell more programs.

  • Eliminate DVD production and shipping costs
  • Develop more valuable relationships with buyers
  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Empower marketers with critical customer data

An experience that delights all users

MediaShowroom’s media grid interface is open and clutter-free so your customers can enjoy your content without distractions. Powerful search, detail hover pop-ups, saved search functionality, and so much more all add to a delightful user experience.
MediaShowroom Features
Multiple Items Actions


Agility, speed and efficiency are critical to customer acquisition and maintenance. MediaShowroom meets and exceeds this requirement with multiple items actions. Quickly edit metadata, email multiple users lightbox links, combine new or existing media files into sets, and more to deliver on internal or customer users media requests.
  • Select unlimited media via checkbox
  • Email, lightbox, metadata, download & more
  • Add multiple files to projects instantly
  • Create sets and series on the fly

Digital media screening for all of your customers

MediaShowroom delivers world-class digital media screening to accelerate your time to market and increase program sales.

MediaShowroom is proudly powered by Mainstream Data with locations in Salt Lake City, New York, and London.